Company Profile

Shenzhen Ceres Technology Co., Ltd. (simplified as Ceres ) was founded in 2018 and is a wholly-owned wireless network company of Shenzhen C-DATA Technology Co., Ltd. (simplified as C-DATA). The Ceres focus on the research and development of wireless products such as SOHO wireless and commercial /industrial wireless and is committed to growing into the world Leading wireless network equipment and solution provider.

Shenzhen Ceres Technology


Ceres specialized in product R&D and sales services, and its manufacturing relies on the manufacturing center of the parent company C-DATA.

As of August 2021, Ceres has a professional R&D team of more than 30 people. More than 15 software developers, mainly responsible for the development of embedded software, WEB front-end, home router management APP, and Linux backend server. More than 6 hardware developers, Mainly responsible for hardware scheme selection, schematic design, PCB layout, single-board commissioning, production file import, etc. More than 8 people testing engineers, mainly responsible for the function and performance testing of all product versions. 3 project managers, mainly responsible for Product planning, project establishment, tracking and closing work, and at the same time responsible for the introduction of requirements and BUG tracking for all products.

Ceres has a professional sales team of more than 20 people, helping dealers and customers all over the world to solve problems, provide high-quality services and consulting.

Ceres has a technical support team of more than 15 people, providing professional pre-sales and after-sales technical services for distributors and customers around the world.

  • 30+ R&D Center  Shenzhen +Wuhan R&D base

  • 20+ Sales Center Fast  Delivery

  • 15+ Service Center Best Service 

The parent company of Ceres has a strong supply chain center and R&D reserves, and Ceres can undertake the customized business of global wireless products