Ceres mesh Wi-Fi network routers built-in smart antennas use intelligent algorithms to auto-detect other Ceres units and establish a stronger back haul between one another to deliver seamless coverage to every corner of your home. Ceres is a professional company of secure mesh network wireless routers in China. We have mesh long-range mesh Wi-Fi network device/equipment with high security and high speed for sale. If you want to buy the fastest mesh Wi-Fi system for whole-home mesh Wi-Fi, outdoor mesh Wi-Fi, or business mesh Wi-Fi, email us to get professional mesh Wi-Fi solutions and Ceres mesh Wi-Fi router price.

Types of Economic Mesh Wi-Fi Router for Sale

WiFi5 Mesh Router WiFi5 Mesh Router WiFi5 Mesh Router WiFi5 Mesh Router
WiFi5 Mesh Router
WiFi5 Mesh Router
WiFi5 Mesh Router
WiFi5 Mesh Router


WiFi5 Mesh Router

MTK Chipset
1*WAN(*GE) Port+4*LAN(GE)

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Mesh Wi-Fi Speed

The speed of the mesh network wifi router is determined according to the wireless access protocol standards it supports. The current wireless mesh router system has fully supported WIFI6, and its maximum speed can reach 9600Mbps. The typical speed supported by the mesh repeater wifi device on the market are mainly 1200Mbps and 1800Mbps. Home users can choose wireless secure mesh wifi router products of different speeds according to the whole home area, business speed requirements, and home bandwidth. 


Mesh Wi-Fi Range

Compared with the traditional wireless network, the transmission distance range and mobility of the WiFi Mesh network will be greatly improved, especially it is compatible with the WiFi function. Therefore, the long range mesh wifi set up by Ceres, a reliable mesh wifi equipment company, can increase the transmission distance and mobility of the wireless network and extend the wireless network application.

Our WiFi Mesh network is a wireless local area network solution, very suitable for large-area-covered open areas (including indoor and outdoor). Please feel free to contact us and learn more about our wireless mesh wifi router system, as well as related products for sale. Buy them in bulk and get relatively competitive cheap price.

Mesh Wi-Fi Security

The network security of mesh wifi inherits the genes of WIFI network security, mainly through the two security mechanisms of wireless authentication and encryption. The authentication mechanism is used to verify the identity of the user, and the encryption mechanism is used to encrypt the data of the wireless link. In terms of wireless encryption mechanism, the three commonly used encryption methods for 4G Mesh WiFi are WEP, TKIP, and AES-CCMP.