How Many Wireless Devices Can Be Connected to a Home WiFi Router?

Recently, a friend asked an interesting question. How many devices can be connected to the home wifi router at the same time? Nowadays, every family has a wifi router. But have you ever thought about how many devices of your router can connect to the Internet at the same time? Today, let's talk about how many users the home wifi router can connect to. If you are interested, please leave a message and discuss it together.

First of all, we are sure that the number of devices connected to the home wifi router is limited.

Some what like small business wifi router, to connect to the home wifi router for Internet access, mobile phones/computers and other devices must obtain a local IP address assigned by the router. The IP address of the router is usually, where is generally the management address of the router, which refers to the IP address assigned by the router to the device, and there are only 254 together(255-1=254).

In other words, theoretically, the home wifi router can assign up to 254 IP addresses to users, which means that up to 254 devices can be connected to the Internet at the same time. But obviously this is only theoretical data. So, in real life, how many users can the wifi router connect to at most? According to router manufacturers, a general home router can connect 10-40 wireless devices at the same time, but it not only depends on the router's processing power but it has something to do with the bandwidth.

In addition, some netizens tested that the wifi router can only connect to 16 wireless devices at most, and if there are more, they will not be able to connect. The situation is also common in railway stations, airports, and operators' public wifi. The signal is good, but it always prompts that it cannot be connected.

It also proves that the situation of different routers will be different, some 4G home broadband router may have a smaller number of controls in order to ensure stability, and some routers may have more connections.

There is currently no unified answer as to the issue how many users the home wifi router can connect to. However, there are certain restrictions on the connection of general household routers, and it is certainly not up to the 254 sets theoretically. If you want routers to connect as many devices as possible, you need to increase bandwidth and routers and buy routers with higher performance.


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