Influence of WiFi Router for Home on Network Speed

The speed of WiFi router for home is mainly related to the following factors:

Ⅰ. It is related to how many megabytes of broadband. 50 megabytes of broadband is certainly not able to provide 100 megabytes of speed.

Ⅱ. If it is FTTH, then it is related to whether the connection line from optical cat to the router is Gigabit. If it is a 100-megabyte cable, even if the broadband is more than 100M, the actual use speed will not reach 100M.

Ⅲ. Like enterprise wifi router, It is related to the performance of Internet devices, and the speed measured by different devices will be different. For example, a highway with a speed limit of 120 km is given, but the tractor can only run with a speed of 30 km on it. Similarly, if we only have 100m broadband, of mobile phones or computers with poor performance will experience a slow the network. So sometimes you feel the speed of network is slow, then you need to change a new computer or mobile phone.

Ⅳ. It's about the router at home. Many home WiFi routers are from many years ago. After actual measurement and comparison, many old routers really can't keep upwith the needs of the times.

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