The Difference Between 4G LTE Gateway and CPE

Ⅰ. What is 4G LTE router

The so-called 4G is the abbreviation of the fourth generation of mobile communication and its technology. In the definition of ITU (International Telecommunication Union), any wireless data network system that reaches or exceeds 100Mbps can be called 4G.

The full name of LTE is "Long Term Evolution", which literally translates to "Long Term Evolution". LTE is divided into two duplex modes, namely FDDLTE and TDD LTE. LTE significantly increases the spectral efficiency and data transmission rate, and the peak rate can reach 50Mbps for uplink and 100Mbps for downlink. Compared with the 3G era, the downlink peak speed of 10Mbps is 10 times faster.

From the concepts of the two, we can understand that 4G and LTE are not the same thing, but generally speaking, LTE network can meet the standard of 4G network (downlink 100Mbps), and the 4G era is dominated by LTE network, so The two are usually combined and collectively referred to as 4G smart router.

Ⅱ. 4G CPE and LTE

4G CPE is an LTE data terminal device that converts high-speed 4G signals into WiFi signals, which can support a large number of mobile terminal access. 4G CPE can be widely used in wireless network access in rural areas, towns, hospitals, units, factories, communities, etc., which can save the cost of laying wired networks.

4G LTE gateway is a comprehensive intelligent gateway that integrates the functions of CPE, voice gateway and wireless router. Users can use POTS phones, PC soft terminals or SIP phones to access CM-IMS through TDD-LTE gateway and use voice services. PCs or mobile phones can access the Internet through the LAN port or WiFl interface to use data services. The 4G LTE gateway is mainly aimed at users such as remote branches of enterprises, cluster stores, and chain stores with LTE coverage.

Ⅲ. The difference between 4G CPE and 4G LTE gateway

1. The 4G CPE can only be accessed through the operator's wireless network, and the 4G LTE gateway also supports wired access on this basis (the 4G LTE gateway has one WAN port). The 4G LTE gateway uplink two access methods can realize the link hot backup function. For example, when the 4G LTE gateway is used as a voice access device, if the voice dedicated line connected to the electrical port (WAN port) fails, the device can automatically switch to the LTE wireless network and registere to the IMS platform to ensure the use of voice and data.

2. The downlink interface of 4G CPE only has WIFI and LAN ports, which can only meet the user's network access needs. However, many shops and stores now need to access financial POS machines, fax machines, landline phones and other equipment, but traditional CPE cannot meet these needs. The 4G LTE gateway adds 2 RJ11 analog phone interfaces on the basis of CPE, which perfectly complements the function gap of 4G CPE.

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