Ceres Wireless Network Products Plans

Since its establishment in 2018, Shenzhen Ceres has inherited the wireless technology genes of Chengdu Ceres, and has continued to follow the development trend and market demand of wireless technology. It has successively launched different technical specifications and is suitable for different applications in the domestic and overseas markets. The wireless router products of the scene have been recognized by the market.

Ceres 's product planning always revolves around the product development concept of "wireless intelligent connection, unlimited benefits and convenience", and invests 10% of its annual operating income in product development, only to provide customers with the most competitive products. At present, Ceres's product series such as the home wifi router system, cover Wi-Fi4, Wi-Fi5 and the latest wireless standard Wi-Fi6, and provide solutions to meet the wireless access and management needs of homes, businesses, enterprises, hospitals, and campuses.

So far, Shenzhen Ceres has launched industry-level products based on Qualcomm chip solutions and consumer-level products based on MTK chip solutions to the market. Customers can choose the economical N300 and AC1200 series products, as well as the powerful AC2600 and AX1800 series products. There is always one of Ceres's products that suits you.

Shenzhen Ceres will not stop the pace of product development and improvement. In the second half of 2021 and 2022, it will continue to release products and solutions that the market expects, and promote and certify in the global market. It will "wireless intelligent connection, unlimited benefits and convenience" The product concept of the company is promoted to the world.

Ceres Wireless Network Products Plans

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