Highlights and Values of Commercial Wifi Solutions

Ⅰ. Highlights of commercial wifi solutions

WeChat is connected to WiFi, and advertising is promoted before and after authentication. The Internet has surpassed the WeChat official account, creating a unique method of compulsory follow-up official account authentication. If you do not follow the official account, you will not be able to access the Internet, and the number of followers will be significantly higher than if it is not mandatory.

The commercial wifi solutions by Ceres, a reliable supplier providing products like corporate router and domestic router, are also the first to implement pre-authentication advertising under the WeChat-to-WiFi architecture to increase the exposure of business advertisements. The template is rich in advertising elements, supporting the addition of maps, videos, pictures, text, background music, phone numbers and other modules for marketing advertising. Combine "beauty" and "strength"!

Ⅱ. The value of commercial wifi solutions

1. Improve the consumption experience and increase the number of users

The commercial wifi solutions optimize all aspects of network access and use, ensuring the wireless network experience from the three levels of users, AP, and AC. At the same time, indoor navigation makes consumers more calm and convenient in the "consumption" process. The rich and convenient wireless experience helps complex businesses retain and attract more consumers.

2. Rich passenger flow data analysis to increase business income

Commercial wifi solutions push promotional information based on location to increase the "bag picking rate" of stores, and can also provide consumption path analysis for registered guests. At the same time, it can obtain more passenger flow information based on big data, which is convenient for business planning and makes marketing strategy planning well-founded. Deeply integrated with APP and WeChat official account, to achieve precise marketing based on large members, thereby achieving the purpose of increasing business income.

3. Improve member conversion rate and reduce operating costs

WeChat account opening in the commercial wifi solutions makes it easier and simpler for members to migrate to the mobile terminal, which greatly improves the conversion rate of composite members. The addition of membership path data makes big data decision-making more accurate and can largely avoid the waste of commercial resources caused by wrong marketing strategies.

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