Commercial Wireless Wifi Solutions Help Business Transformation and Upgrading

1. Background introduction of commercial wifi solutions

Commercial complex, as a landmark building of urbanization, has always been a symbol and carrier of urban civilization. Since most complexes are equipped with residential buildings, developers can increase the value of the entire complex through shopping malls, hotels, and office products, thereby enhancing the overall property value. Therefore, more and more developers are investing in the construction of the complex. .

However, many problems caused by blind investment, following the trend, and oversupply are beginning to emerge. The distribution of business types is similar, the brands in the market are similar, and the consumer experience brought to consumers by various commercial complexes are also the same. As a result, the advantages of most commercial complexes are not obvious, which is difficult to form a competitive advantage and attract passenger flow. Therefore, commercial real estate has shifted from development competition to operational competition, and the real test in the future is operational capability.

Consumers' rigid demand for the network, the pressure of basic operators' data networks, Internet giants' competition for entry, and the increase in service awareness of physical merchants have jointly spawned the upsurge of commercial wifi solutions. In the future, in the O2O model, the value of commercial wireless Wi-Fi will be further amplified, and it is precisely based on this background that we use commercial Wi-Fi solutions to facilitate business transformation and upgrading.

2. Advantages of using commercial wifi solutions

Commercial Wi-Fi solutions by Ceres, a professional company specializing in both commercial and home wifi router setup, provide on-site customers with services such as indoor positioning and navigation and reverse car search by deploying infrastructure such as commercial wireless Wi-Fi on site.

While bringing convenience to consumers, it also provides online display and promotion channels for merchants. Consumers can see brands, merchants, new products, events, coupons and other information on the Internet, and use O2O online to divert offline. Bring more traffic to businesses.

Consumers using commercial wifi solutions with products like LAN repeater wifi can also use the e-commerce platform to place orders online and offline consumption, such as group purchases, reservations, purchases, room reservations, etc., which will bring more consumption to merchants.

Merchants have already collected and analyzed consumer behavior data without the consumer's awareness. Through the analysis of the data, it provides support for precision marketing and business decision-making, so as to form a further cycle of attracting customers. The merchants conduct repeated and in-depth "customer information maintenance", effectively improving customer stickiness, and carrying out precision marketing.

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