How to Quickly Solve the Problem That the 4G Router Cannot Log In?

With the popularization of wireless networks, more and more people are using 4G wireless routers, and various router-related failures have also increased. In the process of wireless Internet access, we often encounter various wireless network failures. If the 4G router suddenly fails to log in, how to quickly solve this problem?

1. Check the hardware of the 4G router

There are many reasons why the 4G wireless router cannot log in. We should start with the connection status of the wireless router to check whether the device has a hardware failure. Under normal circumstances, we can quickly determine whether the device has a hardware wireless network failure by observing the signal light in the control panel of the 4G wireless router.

2. Check the 4G router signal light

The power signal light of the home wifi router is not on, it is very likely that the input voltage of the device is abnormal. At this time, we have to replace a new 4G wireless router equipment. If the power signal light is always on, it is also an abnormal phenomenon. At this point, we may wish to check the broadband line connected to the device, and consider switching to another network cable to reconnect.

3. Check the IP address of the 4G router network

After confirming that the connection status of the router for home is normal, we might as well enter the LAN workstation system to check the network connection currently in use, and see if the IP address used by the workstation is a dynamic address or a static address. If we used a dynamic address before, we can try to modify the workstation IP address to use a static IP address, and at the same time turn off the network firewall function of the local system.

4. Modify the settings of the 4G router IE

If you still cannot log in to the 4G wireless router using the above methods, you can try to modify the IE settings. When modifying IE settings, you can first open the IE browser window and execute the tool-Internet option in the menu bar of the window. In the pop-up Internet option setting window, click the "Connection" tab, and select "Never dial-up connection" on the corresponding tab page. Then click the "LAN Settings" button in the tab page, and clear all the options in the subsequent settings page, and finally click the "OK" button to end the IE setting operation.

If using these methods still does not solve the problem, then we can operate the reset button on the router to restore the 4G router to its initial state. Please note that all the configurations on the router are gone after reset.

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