Demand Analysis of Hospital Wireless Network Coverage

Wireless local area network effectively overcomes the shortcomings of wired networks, using tablet wireless computers and mobile carts to collect vital signs data, query and input medical care data, doctor rounds, bedside care, call communication, patient identification code recognition, and other information anytime and anywhere. Therefore, it gives full play to the effectiveness of the medical information system and highlight the technical advantages of digital hospitals. At the same time, complete hospital wireless network coverage can also improve patients' satisfaction with hospital services. The demand analysis of hospital network wireless coverage is as follows:

1. The hospital wireless network needs to meet the wireless coverage of all areas, such as the registration office, outpatient department and inpatient department.

2. The mobility of personnel is large, and the hospital networking needs to automatically switch access points during the movement of wireless terminals, and the business is continuous, that is, wireless roaming.

3. The hospital networking terminals are unevenly distributed and need to meet automatic load balancing to ensure the use of the hospital wireless network.

4. The hospital wireless network is mainly used by doctors for internal office use and patients' Internet access. The AP needs to support the setting of multiple SSIDs, and different SSIDs have different network permissions.

5. Hospital networks with long range wireless extender have high requirements for wireless security, especially office networks, which require identity authentication to restrict illegal terminal access, such as MAC address authentication.

6. The shape of the hospital wireless network AP should be beautiful and generous, and it needs to support PoE power supply to meet the requirements of fire protection and wiring.

7. The hospital wireless network AP supports unified management, configuration, and real-time monitoring of the working status of each AP, which is easy to operate and maintain.

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