Solutions and Improvements for Outdoor Directional Antenna Installation and Debugging

Using directional antenna properly can not only bring better wireless coverage effect but also bring users good Internet experience. But why people use few directional antenna in enterprise network market?

In fact, it is due to the technology level of construction personnel.

Two solutions for out door directional antenna installation and debugging

Different from the professional team of operators, most of the enterprise network project construction personnel lack sufficient knowledge of radio frequency, it is difficult to fully grasp its application features. Meanwhile, the traditional outdoor directional antenna installation and debugging is much more complex.

This way is very flexible, people can choose the type of antenna, AP and fixed way according to the scene freely, and adjust the best Angle of antenna on-demand.

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Regarding to directional antenna, there is many kinds of short feeder, lightning protection apparatus and other auxiliary materials, construction difficulty increases, the efficiency decends, failure points increase. So in many projects, as long as the user does not have clear requirements, construction person will turn to use omnidirectional antenna.

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This way can save the feeder and auxiliary material, reduce the number of failure point and construction difficulty, thus the cost will be decreased.

But the problem is the antenna and AP is fixed, it is difficult to adjust the angle of them to optimize the signal coverage. This is the root causes of differences in the process of the project acceptance.

Ceres high power outdoor AP to balance the advantages of the above two solutions

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Let's look at the Ceres high power outdoor AP WP882 which adopts the flat directional antenna and AP host integration design.

The integration design of WP882, which makes it don't need feeder and lightning protection equipment and materials, not only reduces the construction difficulty, but also cuts down the cost of TCO.

According to incomplete statistics, WP882 can significantly reduce after-sale problems caused by improper construction leakage, such as lightning.

On the radio frequency index of antenna, we also do a lot of optimization, which makes the antenna (machine) can meet the requirements more easily in the process of debugging wireless scenario covering.

At the same time, the mounting bracket equipped with the AP(device) owns the ability of Angle adjustment, it helps much to meet user's need.

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