What is a mesh WiFi Router?

No matter how big or small the house or apartment is, the WiFi signal strength may vary depending on where you use your smartphone or laptop. This problem is especially common in large houses or houses with multiple floors. This is due to the way the WiFi signal is transmitted and the construction materials of the house.

When facing solid materials (such as bricks or concrete), WiFi signals are usually not spread well. If the home has more corners or walls, or signal obstacles, the reception will be worse.

So, how to solve this problem? This is where the mesh WiFi router system provided by Ceres, a professional company specializing in both business and home mesh network setup, comes into play, and as they become more popular, some people may consider whether to buy one. So what exactly is a mesh router? Today we will give you a brief introduction of the mesh router.

1. What is a mesh WiFi router?

The mesh network router can be regarded as the central hub of the router, and the mesh WiFi router system can be regarded as multiple routers all connected to the modem, but they all share the same WiFi network.

Mesh WiFi routers also work wirelessly, which means they can be easily placed around the house to cover any blind spots without wiring, which can be troublesome for large houses.

2. The cost of a mesh WiFi router

Of course, in addition to the advantages, the mesh WiFi router system also has some drawbacks, the most obvious one is the cost. The mesh WiFi router system may seems to be too large. Therefore, if the home is relatively small, the mesh WiFi system may be a bit overkill.

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