Difficulty and Advantages of Corporate WiFi Solutions

The size of an enterprise directly determines the difficulty of corporate WiFi solutions and wireless coverage projects. If the company is large, this may mean dense end users, complex application environments, and high-standard wireless requirements.

Ⅰ. Difficulties faced by wireless coverage in corporate WiFi solutions

1. The organizational structure and environment are relatively complex, with problems such as multiple barriers and intensive applications;

2. There are many types of terminals and applications, which require high equipment management functions;

3. The bandwidth of office systems such as OA and mail is largely occupied;

4. The guest network cannot be safely and effectively controlled, and there are many attack methods, and the equipment needs to have good security;

5. There is a lot of garbage in the air, and the stability of wireless access will be affected, so the stability of the device is also very important;

6. The wireless operation ability is weak, and good corporate wireless solutions are needed to reduce the later operation and maintenance investment;

At present, most companies prefer to work on wired networks, and wireless networks are mainly a supplement to wired networks. Office areas in general environments have relatively small barriers, and enterprises can distribute wireless evenly according to the actual situation in the coporate WiFi solutions.

Ⅱ. Advantages of corporate WiFi solutions

1. Faster and more stable wireless coverage of enterprise services - seamless roaming, load balancing, intelligent flow control, application identification and flow control, and wireless network optimization;

2. Safer and more convenient enterprise security wireless coverage - efficient unified management, identification and control of dangerous applications and URLs, and multiple convenient authentication mechanisms;

3. High scalability and high reliability - to provide diversified product forms, users can choose flexibly according to the actual situation, reduce network cost and improve efficiency.

For large enterprises, when choosing an enterprise WiFi solution, they should look for reliable suppliers to cooperate like Ceres, a professional company specializing in both corporate and home network routers, not only to use reliable hardware equipment, installation technical guidance, after-sales service, etc. are also links that cannot be ignored.

The wireless coverage requirements of large enterprises are generally applicable to current and future needs, so high requirements and high standards cannot be solved by simply buying a few wireless gateways.

For the application of small and medium-sized enterprises, the threshold for implementing wireless networks is slightly lower. Out of cost considerations, users do not need to follow the standards of large-scale corporate WiFi solutions and require wireless network deployment. They can choose a cost-effective solution appropriately. Of course, the prerequisite is to have a basic understanding of building wireless network, thus preventing blind choices.

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