How to Set Up a Home Wifi Router Step by Step

Now every family has basically installed broadband, but broadband alone is not enough. It can only be used by computers specifically instead of by many people at the same time. If you want to use mobile phones to access the Internet, you must use routers. When it comes to routers, we must first mention wireless routing. Not only computers but handsets can connect internet via a WiFi router. Here I'd like to share with you how to set up a home WiFi router.


Ⅰ. Preparation

1. The account number and password of dial-up Internet access(which will be informed when the service provider such as China Telecom or China Unicom opens an account).

2. One wireless router.

3. Two network cables.

4. A computer.

5. Check the login location, user name, and password of the home wifi router.

Ⅱ. Hardware connection

Step Ⅰ: To connect the router to the optical cat with the network cable. One end is connected to the network cable interface of the optical cat, and the other end is connected tothe WAN interface of the router.

Step Ⅱ: To connect the network cable to the computer. One end is connected to the LAN interface of the router, and the other end is connected to the interface of the network card at the back of the computer.

Ⅲ. Parameter setting

After the network cable is connected, power on all devices, and then turn on the computer. Double-click the browser on the computer desktop, and input the login address of the wireless router ( in the browser address bar, and then an interface will pop up. Input the user name and password of the router (both on the back of the wireless router), and input the user name(admin), password(admin).

After entering the management interface, the setup wizard will pop up. If it doesn't pop up, click the setup wizard onthe left; click "next" according to the prompt, and in the next interface, choose your Internet access mode. Generally,our Internet access mode is PPPoE virtual dial-up mode, which is also the default mode in the router, and then click next. The next screen is to input your internet account and password, and then click next, so that your wireless router can dial the Internet automatically when receiving the internet instruction.

Then, in the wireless setting interface wizard, modify the SSID (which means the network name on the mobile WLAN, some wireless routers support Chinese while some do not), because if you do not modify the SSID and if your neighbors are coincidently using the same brand of wireless routers, you will not be able to distinguish which one is your own 4G wired router. So you can enter your own personalized name in this interface to distinguish wireless routers. Of course, you have to choose WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK security mode in the following wireless security options and set the password (the password is set to prevent others from using your network freely).

After setting the above options, click "Next" and then click "Finish".

So far, you have set up the home WiFi router. You can also access the Internet by inputting the password on your mobile phone. However, there is still one thing to be modified,which is to change the login user name and password of thewireless router (the default user name is admin, and the password is admin), so as to enhance the security of the home wifi router.

Click "system tools" on the left menu bar and then "modify login password". Enter the old user name, password, and the new login user name and password in the right interface, and then click to save them.

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