What Are the Advantages of Enterprise VLAN?

What are the advantages of enterprise VLAN? Let's take a look at it.

1. Enterprise VLAN can increase flexibility and scalability

By assigning switch ports or users to the enterprise VLAN group on the switch, or to the connected switch group, only users who you want them to enter this broadcast domain can be added, regardless of their physical location.

2. Enterprise VLAN can control the broadcast on the network

VLAN can provide the mechanism of establishing enterprise level wifi router firewall to prevent excessive broadcast of switching network from using VLAN. A switch port or user to a specific VLAN group can be assigned. The VLAN group can be in a switching network or across multiple switches, and the broadcast in a VLAN will not be sent outside the VLAN. Similarly, adjacent ports will not receive the broadcast generated by other enterprise VLANs, which can reduce the broadcast traffic, release bandwidth to user applications, and reduce the generation of broadcast.

3. Enterprise VLAN can increase security

In the same switch, VLAN users of different enterprises cannot communicate by default. It can be configured to immediately notify the network management station of any unauthorized access to network resources.

The above points are about the advantages of enterprise VLAN. If you have any need, welcome to consult.

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