Smart Chain Store Commercial Wifi Solutions

Ⅰ. Current status and problems of commercial wifi solutions in the chain industry

1. The wireless signal is poor, the wireless interference is large, and the network speed is slow.

2. It is not safe for internal employees and visitors to access the network, and there are risks for users to access the Internet.

3. There are so many stores and equipment that the headquarters cannot manage uniformly.

4. Wireless does not have value-added marketing functions, and stores cannot sell independently.

Ⅱ. Demand analysis for the construction of commercial wifi solutions for chain stores

1. Wireless unified operation and maintenance requirements

1). The headquarters and stores across the country have full wireless coverage, unified operation and maintenance, and wireless and unified management of headquarters and stores, reducing the amount of operation and maintenance.

2). The wireless is stable and reliable. The efficient use of corporate email, financial and office software all require fast wireless network support like the LAN extender wifi.

3). Mobile office requirements. The popularization of mobile office equipment, such as code scanners, requires commercial wifi solutions to access wireless networks.

4). Hierarchical and decentralized management of stores at all levels.

2. Business requirements

1). For internal employees, store customers and other different wireless users and mobile office equipment such as code scanners, flexible authentication methods are adopted according to commercial wifi solutions.

2). Intelligent AI marketing, different stores can set up different authentication pages, store independent marketing, and use the WLAN platform of companies, especially stores that directly contact the market, for advertising and marketing, and transform wireless investment into productivity that creates commercial value.

3). Big data analysis of commercial wifi solutions, using hotspot maps, passenger flow analysis, and visitor portraits for big data analysis to provide reliable data for the formulation of marketing strategies.

3. Security requirements

1). User authentication is safe, internal employees and mobile terminals such as code scanners use safer authentication methods, and visitors provide convenient access methods.

2). The store uses VPN to access the headquarters server through the public network, and the data is encrypted and transmitted on the public network.

3). In order to ensure the security of users' Internet access, the commercial wifi solution monitors and intelligently controls illegal Internet behaviors, and detects and defends illegal phishing 4G CPE wifi router.

4). Realize wireless management and control based on user roles, guarantee the Internet needs of different roles, and control user behaviors to prevent Internet risks.

5). The wireless air interface is encrypted to ensure the safety of wireless data transmission.

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