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Access-Controller-CAM800-4.jpg Access-Controller-CAM800-3.jpg Access-Controller-CAM800.png Access-Controller-CAM800-3.jpg Access-Controller-CAM800-1.jpg


Access Controller CAM800

The CAM800 WIFI access controller device is part of the C-Data enterprise virtualization wireless solution for controlling internet access and usage at home, in branch offices, and in small businesses. As a wireless access point controller, the CAM800 supports up to 64 wireless access points and up to 2000 clients with excellent performance and higher cost performance. Cooperating with C-Data wireless AP series, wifi access point controller helps solve the wireless coverage and WLAN-related intelligent services of single campus networks such as enterprises, hotels, education, medical care and scenic spots.

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Hardware Specification


CAM 800


4*10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet LAN port

1*console, serial port, RJ45;

1*Reset port

Max management AP count


Max concurrent user count


Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature


Operating Humidity

10~95%(non condensation)

12V DC





Software Specification



Support network protocol

802.11a/b/g/n/ac 、802.1P 、802.11e、802.11k、 802.11


WLAN network structure

AC discovery

  • Support Broadcast discovery CAM

  • Support DHCP option 43 discovery CAM

  • Support manual designation CAM

  • Support DNS discovery

Deployment structure

  • Support AP/AC layer2 or layer3 network structure

  • Support Cloud AC network structure

Backup Mode

  • Support 1+1 hot standby mode

  • Support +1 standby mode

Wireless RF management

Channel and power configuration

  • Support automatic or manual power adjustment

  • Support automatic or manual channel adjustment

  • Support automatic or manual rate adjustment

Load balancing

  • Support for traffic-based load balancing

  • Support user-based load balancing

  • Support for RF-based load balancing

Data forwarding and certification

Support local forwarding mode;

Support centralized forwarding mode;

Support local NET forwarding mode (user obtains address from AP);

Support CAPWAP tunnel and DTLS encryption between AP and AC;

Support centralized encryption, local forwarding mode

User management

Support for user black and white list;

Support for the number of user access restrictions;

Support for forced users to go offline;

Support isolation based on user;

Support user group access isolation (VPN isolation).

Certification and encryption

Encryption type

  • Support OPEN/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK hybrid encryption

  • Support WEP/TKIP/AES encryption

User certification

  • Support MAC/portal/802.1X certification

  • Support Mac/portal hybrid certification

  • Support WeChat authentication

  • Support SMS authentication

Multi-dimensional user access and role assignment

Supports access and role assignment based on terminal MAC address;

Support user-based permission allocation, and set different access rights for each specific user;

Support time-based rights allocation, different access rights in different time periods, flexible control of employees' access rights during commuting; support for setting different access rights based on user groups and temporary visitor groups;

Different network permissions can be set for the user-free authentication, SMS visitor, QR code visitor, temporary visitor, WeChat visitor, WeChat + SMS authentication visitor based on the visitor type.

QOS function

Support to guarantee or limit traffic on different lines according to different applications, users, and user groups;

Based on single-user uplink and downlink traffic control, the flow control granularity is 1 Kbps;

Support time-based traffic control, allocate different traffic policies in different time periods, and flexibly allocate bandwidth resources;

Support traffic control based on terminal access location, and assign different traffic policies to different access locations;


Support priority scheduling based on business application type (voice, video, data);

Device maintenance

Support AC firmware remote automatic or manual upgrade;

Support batch upgrade based on AP hardware type/firmware version/ location;

Support upgrade based on AP specific time;


Supportviewandexportdevicelog, operation log, user log, probe log, alarm log classification;


Network management function

Support standard and open management information database, example for MIB II, 802.11 MIB

Support local network management in serial port mode

Support ssh and telnet management Support https management

Ordering Information

Product Name

Wireless controller AC

Product Model



1 console port, 2 USB ports, 4 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet ports,max management AP count: 64, power: 12V DC.

CAM800 document

CAM800 firmware