Indoor Dual-band Access Point WP837 Indoor Access Point Indoor Wireless Access Point Indoor Wifi Access Point Business Wifi Access Point
Indoor Dual-band Access Point WP837 Indoor Access Point Indoor Wireless Access Point Indoor Wifi Access Point Business Wifi Access Point


Indoor Dual-band Access Point WP837

WP837 indoor wireless access point is a high-stability, cost-effective 2.4 GHz +5GHz dual-frequency indoor AP launched by Shenzhen Ceres Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ceres), designed for the enterprise-level wifi market. As a leading indoor enterprise level wifi access point, it has a high and long range. The low profile and simple design and stable performance make it the ideal equipment for ceiling installation. WP836/WP837 indoor access point adopts Qualcomm enterprise-class chip and equipment. The product supports PoE power supply or DC48V power supply, also supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless standard. WP837 supports 2.4G/5G double-frequency(400Mbps+867Mbps)wireless transmission rate. It is suitable for deployment in a medium-density WiFi environment, providing cost-effective wireless coverage.

As an excellent wireless network provider, Ceres can supply different types of access points for enterprise level wifi, including weatherproof access points and waterproof access points. Welcome to select!

Hardware Specification




210mmX210mmX 35mm


2*10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet ports




Built-in 4dBi 2x2 MIMO antenna

Wireless Transmit Power

² 2.4GHz:

² 11b11Mbps:22dBm;

² 11g6Mbps :22dBm;

² 11g54Mbps:20dBm;

² 11n MCS7-HT20:20 dBm;

² 11n MCS7-HT40:20dBm;

² 5GHz:

² 11a6Mbps :20dBm;

² 11a54Mbps :20dBm;

² 11n MCS7-HT20:20dBm;

² 11n MCS7-HT40:20dBm;

² 11ac MCS8-VHT20 :20dBm;

² 11ac MCS9-VHT40 :19dBm;

² 11ac MCS9-VHT80 :19dBm;

Receiver Sensitivity

² 2.4GHz:

² 11b11Mbps:-90dBm;

² 11g6Mbps:-90dBm;

² 11g54Mbps:-75 dBm;

² 11n MCS7-HT20:-71dBm;

² 11n MCS7-HT40:-68dBm;

² 5GHz:

² 11a6Mbps:-90dBm;

² 11a54Mbps :-75 dBm;

² 11n MCS7-HT20:-71dBm;

² 11n MCS7-HT40:-68dBm;

² 11ac MCS8-VHT20:-65 dBm;

² 11ac MCS9-VHT40:-63 dBm;

² 11ac MCS9-VHT80:-61 dBm;


Qualcomm processor


256MB  DDR3L



Power supply


Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature


Operating Humidity

5~95%(non condensation)



Software Specification




Support IEEE801.11a/b/g/n/ac/ac wave2 standard

Support dynamic rate adjustment

Support channel automatic scanning and manual selection

Support dynamic power adjustment and manual power adjustment

Support intelligent roaming

Support ShortGI in 20M,40M,80M mode

Support Chinese SSID

Support WMM, implementing data processing and forwarding based on application

Support 5G access priority

Support load balance based on AP traffic, frequency band, and number of users


Support Open-system authentication mode

Support WEP authentication/encryption mode

Support WPA/WPA2-PSK authentication/encryption mode

Support WPA/WPA2-802.1X authentication/encryption mode

Support WPA-WPA2 hybrid authentication mode

Support WPAI authentication/encryption mode

Support 802.1X, Mac, portal, WeChat authentication mode


Support business traffic local forwarding and centralized forwarding

Support user access isolation under the same SSID

Support user access (ACL)

Support bandwidth control based on per user

Support bandwidth speed limit based on WAN port

Support network detection based on Ping and Arp

Support local forwarding mode, when the AP is disconnected from the AC, the service is not interrupted.

Support DHCP Server, the client obtains the IP address through the AP

Support static IP/DHCP/PPPOE and other network access mode

Support IPV6 function

Support Soft GRE function


Support cloud service mode deployment (ACS+VAP)

Support AC centralized management

Support Web User Management (HTTPS)

Support CLI (SSH) management

Support Console port management

Support modify AP login password remotely

Support AP automatically go online and load configuration (plug and play)

Support LED light control

Support periodic automatic restart of devices

Support batch modification of AP management platform address

Support batch upgrade based on AP location, AP model, AP version

Support AP status alarms

Ordering Information

Product Model

Product Description


2*10/100/1000M Ethernet ports, built-in 4dBi 2x2 MIMO, support 2.4G/5Gdual-frequency(400Mbps+867Mbps), support 802.11a/b/g/n/ac-wave2 protocol, support 802.3af/at PoE powered, support 48VDC power supply, Tx power 22dBm_2.4G, 22dBm_5G

WP837 firmware