The Application of Wifi Modules in Industry 4.0

Among wireless communication technologies, the one we are most familiar with is WiFi technology. After all, today's smart phones always need WiFi signals to achieve Internet access. In the process of Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing involves the communication between devices, which also extends the application of WiFi technology to a large extent. This article introduces the application highlights of industrial WiFi modules in Industry 4.0 in detail.

1. WiFi modules are an important field of the Internet of Things

All device data generated by the terminals of the perception layer of the Internet of Things needs to be aggregated to the network layer through the WiFi modules, and then the device can be remotely controlled through the cloud management platform. At the same time, various application scenarios are effectively managed and efficiency improved through data analysis.

Industry is an important field for the application of wifi modules in the Internet of Things. The application of industrial WiFi modules is stable and reliable, wireless transmission distances are long, and anti-interference is strong. The use of WiFi modules for wireless control greatly protects the data transfer between equipment in the intelligent manufacturing process. , thereby optimizing the entire manufacturing process.

The speed of WiFi module in the industrial field can be described as extremely fast. In many traditional automated production line equipment, we can quickly find that most of these automated equipment use wire-controlled switch devices. Such type of wired routers are in a certain area, limiting the use of space and the performance of automated production equipment.

To realize smart manufacturing, the WiFi module has become the key for traditional manufacturers to open the path to smart technology like our 4G smart router. Traditional terminal sensors and equipment can be implanted into WiFi modules to achieve a certain degree of intelligence.

2. How do the WiFi modules play a role in the smart socket?

First, embed a common socket into the serial wifi module to realize the conversion of serial data to wireless data. Its operation is also very simple: download the relevant APP on the mobile phone, and operate in the APP interface after the mobile phone is connected to the Internet. It can not only help you turn off the electrical appliances remotely, but also turn it on in advance.

The WiFi module is the control center of the entire intelligent system whose stability directly determines the performance of the intelligent socket.

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