What Are the Differences Between an Enterprise Wifi Router and a Wifi Router for Home?

Although many companies choose wifi routers for home when setting up a wireless local area network, more companies choose enterprise-grade wifi routers, because enterprise-grade and home-use ones are very different, such as the general requirements of enterprise-grade wifi routers are strong network behavior management capabilities, and there are requirements for the number of people connected.

1. The advantages of enterprise wifi routers

The main focus of enterprise wifi routers includes security, management, authentication, and wireless signal penetration.

Enterprise-level wifi router can control Internet behavior, while home wifi router generally cannot restrict a certain program to connect to the Internet. Enterprise-level wireless routers can set whether they can be connected to the Internet for different software and restrict different time periods, and they can also be limited in batch.

The current trend of corporate office is networked. When going on a business trip, you can access the company's internal network through the external network to obtain information or share the information collected on the business trip in the company network in time to deal with needs or problems in a timely manner. For this kind of demand, home wifi router systems are more difficult to implement, but enterprise wifi routers can be connected to the company's network anytime and anywhere by setting up a VPN.


2. Advantages of home wifi routers

The whole home routers are designed with more consideration for the convenience of home users, so most of them now provide APP management, which can be connected to the router through mobile phones or tablets for settings anytime, anywhere, while enterprise-level wifi routers generally don't provide mobile APP management.

To sum up, it is generally recommended that corporate users choose enterprise wifi routers to form a company's wireless LAN, because from the perspective of stability and security, enterprise wifi routers will undoubtedly be much better than wifi router for home.

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