​Wireless Smart Connection, Enormous Benefits and Convenience: Introduction of Ceres Wireless Product Solution

Wireless Smart Connection, Enormous Benefits and Convenience: Introduction of Ceres Wireless Product Solution 

1. Overview of wireless smart connection

Since the release of the initial standard of Wi-Fi technology IEEE802.11a in 1999, Wi-Fi technology has achieved rapid development in the past 20 years. The Wi-Fi access rate has grown from 11Mbps to today's 9.6Gbps. An astounding speed increase and network performance improvements have brought infinite reveries to wireless access business scenarios.

The original intention of Wi-Fi wireless technology is to bring better convenience to people's lives, so that people can connect to the world with mobile terminal equipment anytime and anywhere. This technology overcomes the fixed and medium nature of wired access technology. The limitation of the Internet really allows people to enjoy the happiness brought by the Internet in any comfortable way in a certain space.

In 2018, the Wi-Fi Alliance classified and simplified Wi-Fi technology into three categories: IEEE 802.11n standard routers (simplified as Wi-Fi 4 routers), IEEE 802.11ac (simplified as Wi-Fi 5 routers), IEEE 802.11ax (simplified as the Wi-Fi 6 router). The types of Wi-Fi wireless router has been divided into three ever since.

According to application scenarios, Wi-Fi routers are classified as SOHO wireless routers at home, industrial wireless routers, distributed wireless routers (mesh wifi device) and centralized control wireless routers (ACAP). The wireless transmission methods are in compliance with IEEE protocol standards while the focus of application scenarios and configuration management is different.

2. Ceres's wireless smart connection

Shenzhen Ceres's full series of wireless products adopt the mainstream chip solutions of major manufacturers, including Mediatek, Realtek and Qualcomm, and simultaneously update the latest technology suites of major manufacturers, adapt advanced smart algorithms, and provide users with smarter wireless connections.

The latest Wi-Fi 6 SOHO router WR525G released by Ceres adopts MTK's latest chip solution, supported by the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology and allows OFDMA and uplink and downlink MU-MIMO (multi-user multiple input and output) technology, enabling wireless transmission channels' capacity to increase by four times. While the efficiency of the wireless network is significantly improved, the network delay is greatly reduced, and there is no fear of the lagging in multiplayer online games and movie watching. In addition, the Beamforming and BSS coloring technology of Ceres WR525G will allow users to have a new understanding of both home and business wireless routers, and the business experience is far better than users' previous knowledge of wireless routers.

For the consumer and enterprise markets, Ceres has withdrawn a number of wireless router products suitable for different scenarios. Users and customers can choose products that meet their needs according to their own conditions. For example, users can select the router products of Ceres according to the wireless rate, port rate, antenna The number and gain, the working environment temperature scene, and the wireless signal transmission strength.

Wireless Smart Connection

Ceres's product mission is to allow users to have a better and smarter connection with the world. At present, Ceres is fully welcoming the era of "Internet of Everything", adapting IoT protocols and plug-ins, making routers smarter, and enabling users to connect more widely.

3. Ceres's unlimited benefits and convenience

Ceres router products like the CPE wifi router are all built around how to create convenient life conditions for users. In the process of software design and function development of its products, it extensively collects user experience, solves practical problems and provides solutions for customers. 

In the field of home routers, we have implemented all the mainstream functional features in the current industry, such as support for IPv6 protocol, visitor hotspot management, WAN/LAN blind plugging, dual-band hotspot integration, EasyMesh based on Wi-Fi Alliance (self-organizing network, Self-repair, self-expansion function), firewall, radio frequency signal self-adjustment, VPN, TR069 management and other functions required by different scenarios.


Scheme of Ceres's small apartment coverage plan


Schematic diagram of Xiruilian's large apartment coverage plan

4. Ceres's open interactivity

Ceres upholds an open attitude, and hopes to work with users to make the product well, and make the product into a one with strong performance, wide functionality, high stability and good playability. It is hoped that all the users can interact with each other on the official Wechat account of Ceres.

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