Advantages of Medical Wireless Network Solutions

Ⅰ. User needs of medical-grade wireless networks

1. Mobile ward rounds: The operation will not be interrupted, and the patient's diagnosis and treatment records or medical history and other information can be retrieved at any time;

2. Medical-grade wireless network nursing: mobile nursing of medical carts, PDAs, etc., and there are often business interruptions when nurses move around in the ward;

3. Important asset equipment management: It can locate and track important medical equipment to prevent loss and better management;

4. Convenient maintenance and unified management can quickly locate problems and improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance personnel;

5. Easy to expand, compatible with the latest IoT technology and equipment;

6. Ability to integrate other medical services, such as electronic whiteboards and number picking machines.

Ⅱ. Medical-grade wireless network solutions

1. Somewhat like business grade wifi router, the medical-grade wireless network controller is deployed at the core layer of the network to centrally manage and control APs across the entire hospital network, and provide various functions such as secure access, data encryption, secure isolation, three-layer seamless roaming, online behavior management, auditing, and information push.

2. The wireless AP is mainly responsible for accessing the medical-grade wireless network part, deploying the AP in the required wireless coverage area, physically distributed in the indoor building area of each layer of the hospital inpatient department, and the AP in each coverage area is connected to the POE switch by wire.

3. The POE switch is mainly responsible for data exchange in the network and provides power input for the AP, and is deployed in the weak current room on the floor.

Ⅲ. Solution advantages of medical wireless network

1. The solution of innovative co-frequency networking + zero-roaming AP is adopted to realize seamless switching between zero-roaming APs. With the advantages of perfect mobile terminal compatibility, and no disconnection and reconnection for the terminal, it can realize true medical zero roaming, ensuring uninterrupted business in scenarios such as mobile ward rounds and wireless nursing care.

2. It has a fast and stable medical-grade wireless network, and innovatively uses automatic channel adjustment, smart radio frequency, 5G priority, seamless roaming, single-user traffic control, application caching and other measures to effectively improve the user's mobile medical experience.

3. It has a visual and easy-to-manage network, one-key configuration, instant use, unified wireless network management, and smart switches, making operation and maintenance more intelligent and easier.

4. It has a safe medical-grade wireless network, and the controller has built-in firewall function, which can effectively defend against DOS attacks, flooding attacks, ARP spoofing and other attacks.

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