How to Realize the Protection Function of Enterprise-grade Firewall?

Enterprise-grade firewall can resist external attacks and protect intranet security, which is the preferred security device for most enterprises.

Ⅰ. The role of enterprise-grade firewall

As the foundation and core control equipment of network security system, enterprise-grade firewall runs through the controlled network communication trunk line. It handles any communication behavior through the controlled trunk line safely, and also undertakes heavy communication tasks.

Ⅱ. Functions of enterprise-grade firewall

1. In a broad sense, the enterprise-grade firewall by Ceres, a reliable company specializing in both corporate and home wifi router placement, protects the security of the internal network information of the enterprise, such as preventing the leakage of the bank server user account information, the confidential information of the government departments, the operation plan and strategy in the army.

2. In a narrow sense, the enterprise level firewall protects the security of all computers in the internal network of the enterprise, and protects the computer from all malicious access or attacks in the non secure network outside the enterprise.

The enterprise-grade firewall realizes the protection function of internal network by physically isolating the internal and external networks. Then, according to the pre-defined security strategy, the access behavior through the enterprise grade wifi router firewall is controlled, so as to achieve the effective control of the internal network access of the enterprise.

3. There are usually two modes of operation for enterprise-grade firewall: bridge mode and routing mode.

If the firewall is installed between the intranet and the Internet as a security barrier, the routing mode is the best choice. In this mode, the network address translation function and proxy function of the enterprise-grade firewall can be used to fully protect the enterprise network from the attack from the Internet.

If hosts in different areas of the same subnet need to be protected, choose the bridge mode. At this time, the original network topology does not need to be changed.

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