How Long is the Transmission Distance of the 4G Wireless Router?

Many people have a vague concept of the transmission distance of 4G wireless routers. Although the product manual of the 4G wireless router generally indicates that the effective transmission distance of the wireless network signal of the wireless 4G router is between 100-300 meters, there is a certain gap in the transmission distance of the wireless routers with different transmission powers. Therefore, many friends mistakenly believe that as long as the distance to the 4G router is within this effective range, the signal can be received, but this is not the case.

1. The transmission distance marked by the 4G router is ideal

In fact, many people may have overlooked a problem: the wireless signal transmission distance marked in the 4G router product is the distance that can be reached under ideal conditions. The so-called ideal state is the longest distance with a router as the center, without any obstacles around, and without any interference. But the reality is not the case, because the effective distance of a 4G wireless router depends on your router, the wireless transmission power of the network card, and the number of obstacles. According to IEEE802.11 standards for in-depth analysis of the security settings of 4G wireless routers, the maximum distance that a router for home can cover is usually 100-300 meters. However, the coverage area mainly depends on whether the environment is open. If it is a completely open space, it can cover about 300 meters. If it is a semi-open space, or there is an isolated area, the transmission volume is about 35-50 meters. With the help of an external antenna, the transmission distance can reach 30-50 kilometers or more, depending on the gain of the antenna itself.

2. Judge the transmission distance in advance before choosing a 4G router

Through testing, we found that the wireless signal transmission distance of 4G wireless routers is generally about 20-30 meters. This is due to the reduced effective distance caused by buildings, objects, and signal interference, resulting in unstable network speeds. Of course, there are also high-end routers with stable transmission and long distance.

For the wireless signal transmission distance of the 4G wireless router, it must be judged according to the actual situation. If you are in a relatively open place, the general wireless routing signal can reach about 300 meters, or even farther. But if there are multiple obstacles in the middle of the router and the gap is large, the transmission distance can only reach more than 50 meters. Signal attenuation has a lot to do with obstacles. There are reinforced concrete blocks around the router, and the signal propagation distance is shorter, generally less than 30 meters. If it is in a metal house, the propagation distance will be shorter. Therefore, users should choose according to their actual situation. For users who are really not suitable for the environment, it is recommended to connect to a wired network or connect a wireless router in series to achieve the effect.

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