How Much Do You Know About Mesh Wi-Fi Router?

1. What is mesh WiFi router?

The mesh WiFi router can be regarded as the central hub of the router. Think of a mesh wireless router system as multiple routers all connected to a modem, but they all share the same WiFi network.

They also work wirelessly, which means they can be easily placed around the house to cover any blind spots without wiring, which can be troublesome for larger houses.

2. Mesh WiFi router VS range extender

Now, some people may have heard of range extenders. These basically extend the wireless range of the router, so why not use a range extender and use a mesh WiFi router? If the house is small, you can rely on the range extender, but if the house is larger, the range extender may not be an ideal choice.

This is because using a range extender will slow down the network speed. It may also cause connection problems, depending on the location in the room or house, it may jump between the extender and the router, which in turn may interrupt the Internet connection. Imagine walking from the bedroom to the living room while watching a video, and the signal is interrupted midway because the signal is switched from the extender to the router.

3. Why are mesh WiFi routers needed?

In addition to the reasons we listed above, there are other reasons to get a mesh wireless router system by Ceres, a professional company specializing in mesh wifi router and CPE wifi router.

This includes easy network management. Nowadays, most mesh wifi router systems come with mobile apps. These apps make network management simple and straightforward, all of which can be done on a mobile phone.

Using these applications, users will be able to check the performance of their networks, turn off WiFi access at certain access points, create guest networks, connect smart home devices, etc.

The mesh wifi router is also "smarter" because, unlike range extenders or conventional routers, modern mesh wireless router systems use algorithms and software to determine the best way to route connections and provide users with the best connection possibilities.

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