How to Check IPs of WIFI Modules in Industrial 4G Routers?

There are three ways to check the IP obtained by the WiFi module on the router: router view, LAN search, and AT command view.

1. Check routers of the WiFi modules

Log in to the built-in webpage of the router where the WiFi module is added, and you can find it in the DHCP server -> client list.

2. Local area network search of WiFi modules

In order to make it easier for customers to search the local area network, our WiFi module has made a search software. With this software, all modules in the local area network can be easily searched (premise: PC and WiFi module are in the same local area network and the same router). This method is also applicable to the industrial WiFi module.

3. Check AT commands of WiFi Modules

Or use the software we mentioned above to make sure that the computer and the serial port of the WiFi module have been connected, and select the COM port in the serial parameter area of the software, and the baud rate is 57600. Click "+++a", wait for "a+ok" in the operation log column, then write "AT+WANN" in the AT command input box, and click "Send Command". (Please refer to the manual for the details of the AT command.)

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