The Choice of Enterprise WiFi Solutions Should Meet the Needs

After selecting the corresponding products, small and medium-sized enterprises should better understand the office environment and measure the signals on the spot, so as to make timely adjustments to the original products and enterprise WiFi solutions.

1. Testing is very important when choosing enterprise WiFi solutions

In fact, when choosing an enterprise WiFi solution, the product and testing are almost carried out. Since wireless equipment is used, testing is necessary to ensure that the office can be connected to the network.

One of the keys to testing in corporate wireless solutions is to ensure that the signal is strong enough and that it can be connected to the network wherever it is online. For example, in a wireless network chain coffee shop, it takes a long time to test to ensure that there are no blind spots in the coffee shop, especially when there are tall objects obstructing the corners, and middle of the room, these places are easy to have weak or no signal. Therefore, special attention should be paid to testing in these places to exchange the antenna or power of the product in advance.

2. The choice of enterprise WiFi solutions should be combined with demand

In fact, for the application of small and medium-sized enterprises, the threshold for implementing wireless networks is not particularly high. Although you can choose enterprise WiFi solutions and related products and implementers of large enterprises to build a network, the cost is generally higher. Therefore, users can also choose some WiFi solution providers that are small and medium-sized enterprises with good reputation. It is necessary to insist on choosing enterprise WiFi solutions according to the needs of the enterprise, instead of blindly following the manufacturer's recommendations.

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