What to Do when the Enterprise VPN Loses Connection? How to Check?

1. Enterprise VPN broadband line is unstable

The quality of broadband line is poor and packet loss is serious, which leads to the instability of VPN connection. It is suggested to try to replace other broadband lines for comparison test.

Note: the instability of broadband line is the most common reason for enterprise VPN disconnection.

2. Enterprise VPN gateway / server address is filled in the domain name address

When setting up the enterprise VPN, the address of the gateway or server is the domain name address. When the WAN port of the end-to-end corporate router obtains other IP addresses, but the domain name does not bind the new WAN port IP address in time, the VPN connection will lose. It is recommended to resolve the domain name on the computer when offline, and see if the corresponding IP address is the WAN port IP address of the router.

Operation method (take win7 system as an example): click the start key in the lower left corner of the desktop, enter cmd in the run box, press "enter" on the keyboard, and enter the nslookup domain name in the open DOS interface (there is a space before nslookup and domain name, and the domain name is the domain name address filled in the peer gateway). Press enter to view the IP address after domain name resolution.

Check whether the resolved IP address is consistent with the WAN port IP address of the enterprise router of mesh network system. If not, it is recommended to contact the domain name service provider. You can use a more stable paid domain name, or contact the broadband service provider to replace it with a static IP.

3. Limited range of enterprise VPN server address pool

When setting PPTP / L2TP VPN, when the number of IP contained in the set address pool is less than the maximum number of sessions, if the enterprise VPN server is restarted, the client connected before may be offline when the new client connects to VPN server.

4. Upgrade corporate router software

In order to ensure the stable operation of the enterprise router, it is recommended to upgrade the router to the latest software version.

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