How to Set Up Small Enterprise VLAN Network Structure?

The first layer of enterprise VLAN:

In the network, the first layer of enterprise router plays a very important role. In the small enterprise VLAN network, the data between different VLANs are communicated through the router. However, VLAN networks cannot be divided by routers. Therefore, we should pay attention to how many computers can be operated when we choose routers, and other functions are very important for enterprise users.

It should be noted that when building an enterprise VLAN network, we must set the connection port between the router and the switch of the second layer of the network as the convergence port to realize the convergence link connection between the enterprise router and the switch.

The second layer of enterprise VLAN:

For the second layer of the network, we choose the second layer Gigabit switch. Layer 2 switch mainly plays the role of connecting convergence port. Enterprise VLAN communication must rely on convergence link for data flow, and each convergence link has to bear the data transmission of all computers in a VLAN network. Therefore, each port of the switch bears a large amount of data. As a result, we choose the second layer Gigabit switch.

If enterprises want to save costs, they can also choose 100m switches with aggregation function to aggregate their ports, and then connect them with the switches at the third layer of the network. The cost of doing so is to sacrifice the number of ports of the 100 MB switch. If the number of ports of the switch purchased is small, it will bring inconvenience to the future network upgrade.

The third layer of enterprise VLAN:

In the third layer of the network, Gigabit switches are also selected in the server area, which is determined by the high requirement of network bandwidth in the server area. For several other departments, Ceres, a reputable company specializing in both enterprise and home wifi router system, has used traditional 100 megabyte switches, which are only responsible for connecting the fourth layer of the network computers. Therefore, the requirements are not too high. We only need to consider the aggregation link connection between the switches of this layer and the Gigabit switches of the second layer.

The fourth layer of enterprise VLAN:

The fourth layer of the network is the enterprise VLAN that we divide. As for the division method, it is mainly realized by configuring the enterprise router and switch. Although the fourth layer is the most basic network layer, this layer is very important. The number of computers in this layer will determine the choice of network products.

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